Go Anyplace Panama is the exclusive tour operator for Saboga Island Paradise Resort. Just 35 miles from the bright lights of panama city, Isla Saboga comprises ten pristine, sweeping beaches alongside secluded coves and inlets and an abundance of lush vegetation; an idyllic setting for an exclusive five-star retreat offering luxury living, relaxation and adventure.

A plethora of lush, tropical forest and idyllic sand beaches, provides the natural habitat for some of the most diverse wildlife on earth. With strict measures in place to protect the beautiful landscape, retaining most of the island for green space, an abundance of endemic birds, turtles and reptiles offers an exceptional opportunity to experience Saboga's intense biodiversity first-hand.

Go Anyplace Panama offers tours and transportation to Isla Saboga so all of you can get to know this beautiful and special island. There is the Paula Nani Beach Club which serves full meals and has all the extras like snorkeling, paddle board, and water activities rentals. There is also an Island Tour which will take you to different beaches and places in Saboga. For Hotel accommodations please contact us and we can arrange for you to stay in one of our luxury Ocean Villas surrounded my tropical forests and with amazing beach and ocean views.

Contact us for:

  • Day Passes at the Beach Club
  • Weekend Stay includes lodging and meals
  • Private Yacht transport & Ferry transport
  • Island Activities - snorkeling, paddle-board, fishing, island tour
  • Real Estate Tour - Lots and houses for sale through Keller Williams Real Estate